Educate. Engage. Empower.

Academic Networks, Inc. welcomes parents and partners whose goals and programs align with our Mission, Vision, and Values.

Mission: Contributions

We Empower Pre-College Scholars by Helping Them turn Their Education into an Expertise.   This is accomplished through meaningful activities with a focus on skill-building, experiential learning, apprenticeships, leadership development, and enrichment programs.  Some of the ways we accomplish this is through;

  • Special Interest Groups
  • Gifted and Talented Identification Programs
  • Pre-College Mentorship Programs
  • Entrepreneurial Development

Vision:  Connections

We Equip Engaged Parents and Educational Partners Connect with Effective Networks so They Can Help the Next Generation to Lead.  Support may include;

  • Interactive Curriculum Resources
  • Homeschool and Non-Public School Administration
  • Bridge Planning for Accelerated & Talented Scholars
  • Virtual and In-Person Conferences- COMING SOON FALL 2022

Values: Community

We Support a Parent-Engaged Academics, Community, and Ethics Approach to Promoting Scholar Success (P.E.A.C.E. Coaching & Methods)

  • Parenting with Prudence Coaching
  • Private, Tutoring & Homeschool Academy Development Consulting (How to Successfully Develop Your Own Niche Academic Community)
  • Community and Partnership Matching
  • Searchable Library of Resources


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